From our anonymous friends at Mac Rumors:

With the release of Safari 3.1, Apple has started pushing Safari to Windows iTunes users.

Good danged thing they didn't use 3.0, which stunk. It did nothing but crash for me on Vista. I've started using IE without add-ons as my second browser [for browsing] before finally tiring of that and using Seamonkey instead. That's right, I use Firefox twice now, after a fashion.

Is this really "pushing" though? I suppose so, but to me it all depends on whether boxes are checked to download by default or not. If the Safari checkbox is an option for the Windows version of Apple's Software Update, then it isn't pushing if it's not checked by default.

The all time winner for pushing software in my experience has been RealPlayer, which had a group of checkboxes where the ones you could see weren't checked, but the ones you had to scroll to see during installation were. That's not just pushing, that's underhanded and unethical. Of course, my bank recently sent something hoping to trick me into getting some, heck I don't even know what it is, some strange, convoluted life insurance by making me think I was just asking for a free credit report. My freakin' bank. I'll ditch them as soon as I get a round Tuit.