My favorite feature of NVu was the ability to highlight part or all of a page in Firefox, cut, and paste something that looked pretty much the same in NVu. Then I could either steal the html or WYSIWYG it right there in NVu.

Yes, I know NVu has been dated for quite some time (which also means Kompozer's no good), but until now still played nicely with FF. With Firefox 3, however, the cutting and pasting no longer works; the html comes out as plain text.

I don't believe the current Moz Editor has a standalone release, though there are some docs on doing it yourself, beyond me. Perhaps I'll download Moz with Composer by itself, eh?

EDIT: Talk about intuitive. If you put document.designMode='on'; in a script tag somewhere in your page, you can use Firefox to edit your page. I'm betting there are other calls for getting the editor toolbar to show up too. Strange.