There's no getting around that Gruber is a real Mac user:

Text Editing Shortcuts — Firefox 3 still doesn’t support certain standard Mac text editing key bindings. For example, in a one-line text field, the Up and Down Arrow keys should move the insertion point to the beginning and end of the line, respectively. Drives me nuts.

Man, you've got to be pretty Mac centric to have that bother you. I'm not sure I've noticed, and believe, from memory, that I just hit up followed by a quick "home" when I'm Firefoxin'.

Still, the make it or break it feature for me remains the find-as-you-type in Firefox. I love browsing without touching the mouse. Flashblock is a wonderful extension to Firefox as well, though I'm sure there's some equiv on Safari I haven't found. The problem is that I haven't found it because I use Firefox more. I enjoy the quickness of Safari on old Macs, but that's about all the use it gets now.

Ah yes, I caught a blurb on LowEndMac that Opera will let you reduce page rendering -- not just text -- which is a way to cheat and have a better screen resolution on your older machines. I'm looking forward to trying it out on my 1024x iBook G4.