Prices for Lenovo 's ThinkPad X300:

ThinkPad X300 with DVD Burner
From: $3,330.00*
Sale price: $2,997.00*

ThinkPad X300 with additional 3 cell bay battery
From: $3,225.00*
Sale price: $2,902.50*

ThinkPad X300 with Mobile Broadband
From: $3,375.00*
Sale price: $3,037.50*

There's no getting around that its features walk all over the MacBook Air, minus the ability to run OS X, of course, but its price, which is approximately a MacBook Air and a well-equipped Dell Vostro, has me thinking maybe, just maybe, Apple's simplistic approach to thin isn't just about cool.

Man, I'm a tool. Of course they coulda gotten more in the Air, as the extra USB slots on the mobo show. That cheap can just happen to be made to look cooler too is a fringe benefit. Them guys in Cupertino is smart.