Welp, a few hours of writing were lucky enough to find a home on LowEndMac.com under the title "Mother of the MacBook Air" (not my title, but a very good one) which is great. Unfortunately I made a pretty serious factual error in it which, like raising your hand to ask a question only to have the extra blood in the brain allow you to answer it yourself, only presented itself to me the second after it was too late to say I knew better.

From David Pogue's review of the MacBook Air:

In other words, there's no Ethernet networking jack, dial-up modem, audio input or FireWire connector.

Welp, I'm an idiot. I saw a few reviews that said the Air had an audio-in port. It doesn't. I couldn't find evidence of audio-in on Apple's site on the Air's "Tech Specs," but stupidly figured the audio-in omission was just an oversight and sent in the article. The Air does have a microphone, which was a -- if not the -- main complaint against the iBook clamshell once iChat A/V came out, but true audio-in still ain't there.

For someone who tapes streaming audio as often as I do by routing the audio out back into my Vostro's audio-in (no Audio Recorder app on Vista like on my iBook, and Audacity can't find the Vostro's system sound for some reason), I should've caught that one.

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