From Macworld UK:

The year-old case alleges that many of the PCs labeled with a Vista Capable sticker in the months before Vista was released were able to run only Home Basic, a version the plaintiffs say lacked some of the most heavily promoted elements of the new operating system. Microsoft has disputed the charges.

I've got Vista Home Basic. What am I missing again? I mean, there are some REALLY dumb omissions, like playing and burning watchable DVDs, but those are only with limitations related to Microsoft's software. VLC gets me around the first, and I'm sure Roxio and/or friends could get me burning DVDs for my DVD player.

Is it the Aero interface they're missing? I'm not sure that's one "of the most heavily promoted elements" of Vista. If it is, it's nothing to sue over, is it?

Guess I should read up more. Personally I thought Vista was about a secure MS OS (oxymoronic phrase legitimized!) and the ability to code in (and run apps that need) .NET.