So far, the post quoted below offers a bit of a fix to the problem that bothers me the most -- yes, the most, by a long show -- on Windows Vista. My second complaint is a very distant second, that Vista is much too memory hungry.

That script is for folders that take on the wrong template (documents,
music, pics, etc) and don't have a 'Customize' tab in their Properties
dialog (Programs, Computer, System Drive), which allows the user to restore
the 'All Items' template.

You sound more like a victim of content-sniffing on folders that you can
customize. Try explicitly setting the folders to be 'All Items' and see if
that doesn't help stabilize your views.

So, say, Vista believes that a folder of csv files is full of pictures for some reason only Ballmer would understand and think he could explain. Right clicking the folder, selecting properties, then the Customize tab, then selecting a new view type is the only way to fix the display.

I hate it. This part of Vista sucks. Honestly. No better way of putting it. Other compromises you can debate, but this stinks. Really, really stinks.