From ZDNet's Googling Google, Google’s iPhone app is really good:

I would argue that this app gives you a more integrated search experience, and I can see why they did it. Here is a YouTube video showing the app in action. What do you think?

I think we need more product placement, please. Good heavens, everything from ESPN to Kripy Kreme to Cosco. I know we all love Google for its unobtrusive ads, but the scrolling ticket of advert buttons is pretty danged annoying. Seriously, how much do you have to pay to be part of the Google video?

Google's nice and relatively open with their APIs. I really like that gmail will do POP and SMTP without adverts. Still, they're moving away from "don't do evil" and over to "don't be so evil in your pursuit of hats of cash that you become gaudy."

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