I'm a little tired of all the banter about Google and Silverlight:

Silverlight is a Microsoft product. Allow me to reiterate, Silverlight is a Microsoft product. Realizing that, Microsoft watches Google form advertising deals on its own platform and then releases a statement in the Google press release saying that it’s happy to see DoubleClick has made an “investment” in Silverlight? What a joke.

Sure Silverlight works on Mac and there's an implementation coming for Linux. Guess where it'll work best -- and guess who has a big leg up designing the platform that powers it? Who gets to decide when Silverlight 3 comes out? Yep. And everyone else plays catchup.

I think Google getting ads onto Silverlight first, and likely best, doesn't show that Microsoft's a bunch of idiots. Sure, the team at MS working on ads has lost, but the core MS business is making their OS and .NET, and here Windows Server in particular, the most attractive platforms for business. "Windows Server 2015, now with support for Silverlight 7!"

When NBC and Google get together via Silverlight (itself just a .NET box), Microsoft does win.

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