Right after releasing Chrome, Google goes and updates iPhoto Picasa too:

Today, we're rolling out major technology upgrades to both Picasa and Picasa Web Albums. As you might have guessed, these are largely focused on how we share and enjoy our photos with others.

I used to enjoying playing Civilization, a world domination game, too much. Every time you thought you had a certain civilization under control and you started edging your military a bit closer to their city, WHAM, all of a sudden military units started flooding out of the city like fire ants. You'd had no idea that while you were spending all your resources building up your military that they'd had the same idea. Lured in by the expectation of an easy assault, you now had to sheepishly slink away.

I have to think that Microsoft's IE 8 is feeling that a little, and that Apple's Safari on Windows is feeling this Civ feeling in a big way now. Heck, Google even took WebKit and did it better. Now, I wonder how much Picasa has gotten... It already performs one heck of a lot better than what's admittedly a one-generation obsolete version of iPhoto. Price is a bit better, too.

Hammurabi Jobs, you're done.

Speaking of Chrome, why doesn't ctrl-L blockquote in BlogThis!? I'm also surprised that Chrome doesn't have a menu bar, depending on previous training to, say, know how to search the Omnibar (Control-K) or print (Ctrl-P) or view downloads (Ctrl-J).

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