So I sent a message to Apple via the mini feedback form...

I'm a developer (, and have been waiting for a mini refresh to enter the Mactel world. I've been looking forward to starting to write code for the iPhone and iPod touch.

There seems to be no technical reason not to refresh the Mini, especially now that the MacBook line has bagged a new GPU. The mini's tech specs, once quite impressive at the price, are also fairing worse and worse in comparisons with Dell's Hybrid. It's enough to visit Pystar -- almost.

You don't have to rant like a sweating pig to entice developers, but it is nice to have a good, affordable, reasonably well-powered point of entry. [Probably shoulda added "please" here] Give more of us an attractive route for getting a foot in the door for the iPhone/touch platform.


I mean, they've got to update it sometime, right?

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