From MacRumors:

Two weeks ago, Apple and Psystar agreed to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in which both parties can try to work out a resolution rather than going to trial. The process may still require several months.

Wonder if this is what's holding up the next mini? My general sense, from the Macminicolo folk, is that it isn't, but if Apple wanted to get rid of the mini in stores, why not "outsource" cheap Mac boxes to a preferred dealer, especially if you've determined that your legal position isn't the best or is maybe even strengthened by having another "Mac" maker?

If Apple doesn't want to support minis, perhaps this is the way out they've been looking for. Collect a licensing fee, give absolutely no support, build in a sunset for the license, and still retain the ability to go after anyone else who tries to go the Pystar route.

Conspiracy theories are a dime a score.