Ah, don't you love online petitions?

We all love your products, Apple Inc.! But your recently refreshed line of consumer notebooks lacks the possibility to plug in digital audio and video equipment as well as fast mass storage devices. Therefore, we pledge to purchase a new MacBook or MacBook Air if you, the inventor of FireWire technology, would be so kind to bring back FireWire ports to those products.

Would be much more interesting if signing were legally binding, forcing the signatories to buy the MacBook. 90%+ won't if Firewire were added, and that's probably low.

I still think the Firewire removal is a crappy move, and puts a hefty, $900 tax on mobile DV editing, which is obscene. It doesn't upsell MacBook Pros so much as used Minis. Import with a used PowerPC Mac, then import the file onto your MacBook.

What the lack of Firewire doesn't do is convince people with Firewire camcorders to "Switch" (c) Apple. Why replace two major electronics in your household? Why is Apple spiting related hardware they chose to make central? I don't get it.

But these, um, grass roots movements mean zilch. Can I at least get a proofread?! (Eg, when's the last time the Air had a Firewire port again?)

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