We've all heard that printers print ID "numbers" using little yellow dots on the pages. The EFF has a pretty neat video explaining how those wacky lights work, called Yellow Dots of Mystery: Is Your Printer Spying on You?:

Imagine that every time you print a document, it automatically includes a secret code that could be used to identify the printer -- and, potentially, the person who used it. Sounds like something from a spy movie, right?

Turns out you're not only giving out your printer's serial number with each printout, but possibly also the date and time you printed it. I understand that might be helpful for catching counterfeiters, but seriously... Makes me suspect the Yellow Ink Lobby.

Go and watch, capiche? The EFF's best point comes early: What if you're printing off political pamphlets? As the kitty in their picture asks, "I can has anonymiteh?" Looks like, for now, your politicizing should stay black and white. Colorwise.

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