From Lifehacker's Keyboard Shortcuts: A Few Handy, Hidden OS X Shortcuts:

Emacs Shortcuts for OS X
The shortcuts I've tested on my Mac this morning are:

Ctrl A: Beginning of line (like Home)
Ctrl B: Backward one character (like hitting the left arrow)
Ctrl D: Forward delete (like the Forward Delete button on Macs)
Ctrl E: End of line (like End)
Ctrl F: Forward one character (like hitting the right arrow)
Ctrl H: I'm not entirely sure on this one, but it looks like it just does a right-to-left delete (like the regular delete key on Macs).
Ctrl K: Kill/remove text between cursor and the end of the line.
Ctrl N: Next line (like down arrow)
Ctrl P: Previous line (like up arrow)
Ctrl U: Remove/del

Admittedly, I'm on my Vostro right now and can't check 'em out, but Ctrl-K looks like one worth adding. I'm finding I use "D" a lot more in VIm's edit mode recently.