Groklaw - Apple Tells Court It Believes Someone Is Behind Psystar; Adds New Claims, Including DMCA Violation:

But here's the big news. Apple alleges that it believes there are corporations and/or individuals behind Psystar, who may be added as defendants once Apple in discovery finds out who they are.

This is being played like there is a large corp behind Pystar, rather than Apple just ensuring it's got all the bases covered. I wonder if this might not be standard practice in similar lawsuits that get this far down the road. "And in case I missed anyone, I'm adding you now."

But let's play along -- Who wants to sell OS X boxen? Does someone believe the only thing between them and Apple is the OS? I thought what made Apple k3wl was the hardware design, right? I love iMovie. At this point, that's about all on the Mac I gotta have. The only other similarly cool software is Garage Band, but that's for a very small subset of computer buyers.

So who wants to sell these? All I can figure is Dell or another large box maker. Apple is grabbing too much laptop market and they want it to stop. I just don't see offering cheaper non-Apple boxes working, and the Pystar experiment would seem to be a heck of a gamble. *shrug*

I guess there's a spot between 5% and 50% where antitrust doesn't jump in, Apple isn't in a monopolistic position, and hardware manufacturers still want a piece of the pie.

Who am I missing?

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