It pains me to note that my coffeeshop of choice over the last fifteen years has tried to upsell me twice in the last couple of weeks, something that never happened the fifteen years previous. Maybe I look like I have more cash now (ha!), but more likely they're trying to get more blood from the turnip.

I try to be sorta liberal with the tippige for refills (probably just enough to offend the folk working here), but I know I'm squatting. There was a time when that was what coffeeshops were all about -- I recall Ms. Harry Potter saying that she'd written the first book entirely in coffeeshops. I wonder how much she dropped per visit, and how much of that was due to well-delivered upselling?

Oh well, I guess they're just trying to make a buck, bless their hearts. Maybe they should request a bailout.

But it makes me wonder, combined with the storefront in our pockets, when there are going to be fewer places where I am upsell free than upsell full.

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