It's my blog, so I'm ranting again about no Mac Mini. It's enough to send my dough to Pystar. Then I'd get a 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo and a GeForce 7200GS 256MB for the price of the current Mini. No iLife, but I could finally run the new Picasa for Mactel. In my recent Vista experience, Picasa's got it all over iPhoto for looking through pix.

I'd rather have a supported Mac with iLife '09 -- the $999 refurb Air +$10 to upgrade to iLife '09 is tempting -- but over 500 days since Apple's so much as upped the proc on the Mini is too danged long. Seriously, can't they just slap in a faster processor? Not that I'd act happy, but the gesture would be appreciated.

My guess? They're waiting until they need to update the Mini to do so. OS X 10.6 is going to take advantage of video cards in slick ways by all accounts, and at that point you look like a fool to be putting out hardware that can't take advantage of it. Enter the Air's new dedicated chip, and the hardcore second chips in the MacBooks. Until then, those that need Minis will have to settle for the higher margin integrated ones.

Still, a new processor, please? Sheesh.

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