AppleInsider | Industry watchers express confidence in Cook as Apple chief:

So while Jobs may be the visionary, Gartner analyst Mike McGuire told BusinessWeek not to underestimate Cook in that department, either.

"I don't know Cook that well, but my guess is he isn't just an ops guy," said McGuire, who said Apple's new interim chief will have learned how to launch successful products from being around Jobs for a decade. "I don't think you survive at Apple as just an operations guy. I don't think you get let into the inner sanctum as just an operations guy."
'I think he's wickedly smart and he doesn't have a big ego, which is useful at Apple,' said John Landforce, who dealt with Cook for years on an Apple advisory board. The Journal goes on to describe Cook as 'analytical and detail-oriented', with such a strong memory that he 'rarely consults notes when recalling minutiae from past meetings.'

Not a visionary, not sure he's not just ops, and doesn't have a big ego. Fail.

Take your money out of Apple if you haven't already, and/or hope to heck Jobs gets better.

Tell me who else is going to be able to negotiate the iTunes Music Store deal with the record companies better than Jobs. Tell me who sells cool better than Jobs. Can Apple ride a while with its mountains of cash -- I think it's obvious why they haven't spent it yet now -- and the momentum of three pretty hot product lines (iPod, iPhone, and MacBooks)? Yes. But there's a reason nobody besides Jobs has a big (obvious) ego; you're not allowed in the inner circle if you're a threat to the alpha male, pancreatic cancer or no.

And is Apple about to start licensing their OS again? This sounds eerily familiar, just accelerated this time to the point of near concurrency. Jobs gone, OS licensed, they're copying what works for everyone else (bye MacWorld, hello CES. Dumb), and the company's in the tubes.

Good luck Apple, but you really are just an extension of Steve Jobs, you know? Don't you? $83 is too high.

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