From Daring Fireball:

Redesigned iPod Shuffle, With VoiceOver

Sounds like a clever idea.

I was going to blog that it wouldn't be long before Gruber was gloating a bit, but it appears I've been beaten to the punch.

The new shuffle looks neat. Apple's still just barely one step ahead on every facet of mp3 portable digital music players, even in markets where it's essentially the only player (the Shuffle). The only drawback here is that there's no interface whatsoever on the player itself, tying you to Apple for your earphones no matter what, it appears. That sux0rz. Seriously. I like to drag around $1 Big Lots headphones so I don't mess up anything important when I'm iPodding (even when I'm iPodding with the new Creative player I ordered... my (hrm, monitor, Peek, mp3 player, and U2 album?) fourth purchase that cnet's Cheapskate has impulsed me into).

Also not surprised to see that Apple's surprised with the amount of refreshed desktops they've sold. The new Mini rocks, especially when you're upgrading from G4s. Even from integrated Intel, it'd be a bonus. And yes, I'm enjoying my iPhone emulator and Xcode.

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