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The fixed-focus, aspherical lens is of reasonable quality, and does not significantly differ from that found on many modern low-end digital cameras.[citation needed]

An ordinary cassette transport is used for storage of both audio and video. The PXL2000 holds 11 minutes of shooting by moving the tape at a high speed, roughly 16 7/8 in/s (429 mm/s) as opposed to cassette's standard speed of 1 7/8 in/s (48 mm/s) on a C90 CrO2 (chromium dioxide) cassette. The high speed is necessary because video requires a wider bandwidth than standard audio recording (In magnetic tape recording, the faster the recording speed, the more bandwidth can be recorded on the tape). The PXL2000 records the video information on the left audio channel of the cassette, and the audio on the right. [2]

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