Daring Fireball: Zune Apps:

After my post, I got an email from the developer of an iPhone Twitter client. He was contacted by Microsoft a few months ago, with an offer to port his app to the Zune in exchange for “a bucket of money”. He turned them down, but assumes, as I do, that Microsoft reached out to the developers of multiple popular iPhone apps.

Let me be perfectly clear:
Microsoft knows software development much better than Apple.

Compare writing code in VB.NET to Cocoa/C. Know Java? It'll take you two good minutes to get VB.NET Express up and running. Know VB.NET? Good luck with the iPhone. Not difficult, but not nearly so easy.

Once you've got the .NET runtime on the ZunePhone, watch out. The apps will be more plentiful, and with enough codemonkeys typing, one of them will write Hamlet.

Others will write good stuff we can more honestly stomach.