One of the blogs I most enjoy reading is Trace Ramsey's Cricket Bread. I'm not going to go through the excuses I'm not living like he is, where it certainly seems like his approach to the grid is one that's wholly defensible and consciously crafted on every level. There's a [near?] minimalism at work in Ramsey's approach to life, from his 100 mile diet to his self-published Quitter zines/books.

Today's post contains a few especially graphic images of animals-becoming-meat as well as this excellent bit of perhaps slightly controversial, but genuinely good writing.

My grandfather’s task was brutal regardless, but maybe less so as there were no mounted heads on the walls of his home like there were in our home. The need for those stuffed and preserved reminders is something that I couldn’t explain back then, but know now is an indication of small mindedness, a dedication to the outward projection of dominance when you know that you are inescapably weak inside.