From Mac Rumors:

AppleInsider reports that Apple is preparing to introduce HDMI connectivity into some its new Macs later this year, bringing increased compatibility with home theater systems as well as the ability to deliver both video and audio over a single cable.

I'll try to write this without complaining about my MacBook's defective trackpad. Ooops. Fail.

You might note the "Consumer Advisory Warning" I've, as of this writing, still have as a banner to my site, which explains how the MacBook includes DRM in its display ports. I haven't had the same issues with my MacBook as the ones in the Ars Technica piece the FSF cites, as I've been able to watch DVDs on my monitor (iirc; I should double check), but the addition of HDMI to Mac Minis means the same issue will be cropping up with more frequency. What sorts of stuff won't a Mini hooked up to your HDTV be able to display?

Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems like an order of magnitude more people will be catching warning dialogs saying that they can't watch something they've purchased than those who will be prevented from recording or showing those items on unauthorized screens. This doesn't by itself make DRM of visuals wrong, but it does make me reconsider what's being managed.