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Hello all, there is a very simple way to make a shortcut for the 'strikethrough text' command in Leopard

1) Open System Preferences and open the Keyboard & Mouse section
2) Switch to the Keyboard Shortcuts tab
- Here you will see a list of all the keyboard shortcuts available

3) click the + button in the bottom left
4) Select "All Applications" from the drop down so that your strikethrough command will work no matter where you're using it
5) set the "Menu Title:" to "Strikethrough"
6) select the "Keyboard Shortcut:" text field and type in your desired shortcut
7) enjoy

Not that useful, but add it to this:

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This only works if you have the Ruler showing in TextEdit, and if you create a style called Strikethrough. But it does indeed work if you do those things.

Now if I add to this the hint on adding a highlighter effect to TextEdit from here at Mac OS X Hints, I finally can take a highlighter pen to a TextEdit doc with a keystroke. I called the style "yellow highlighter" and substituted that for "Strikethrough" in the above instructions and voila! Kewlness, in a sort of Mac-addict-y way.

I can't figure out how to make it work in, but you can cut and paste pretty easily. Just need to set up a command to unhighlight and I'm rockin'.

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