From AppleInsider | Google adds iPhone App Store links to mobile search results:

Google has added App Store results to its mobile search page, allowing users to find and quickly download applications for their iPhone or iPod touch through a simple browser search.

How freakin' kind of Google to put affiliated links at the top of their search pages! As if monetizing the side of the search interface wasn't enough... I'm forced to say that though I'm probably in the minority, the recent changes to Google's search display (including live tweets at times) really haven't impressed me and have me instead guessing at the changes' motivations instead. How is Google making money displaying tweets?

Here's an idea: How about pop up similar results for my searches on JTables with the most recent first? Now that is a change that'd be useful.

It's almost naive to think that a search site could just return searches based on some algorithm that, if not easy to explain, at least had uncomplicated motives. That we seem to have actually had such a site pre-Google IPO seems worthy of the proverbial "halcyon years" moniker now.