U.A.E. Is to Bar BlackBerry E-Mail Over Security Issues - NYTimes.com:

The United Arab Emirates, long regarded as one of the most business friendly economies in the Middle East, announced Sunday that starting in October it will prevent BlackBerry owners from sending and receiving e-mail and other messages and browsing the Internet because the security-minded government cannot adequately monitor those features on the popular electronic devices.
The device’s messenger service, which allows users to message other BlackBerrys for free, uses encrypted data that is processed through a Canada-based server.

I've always wondered why encrypted email never [yet] really caught on. Interesting to see that Blackberry, who is doing the Right Thing for privacy, is getting knocked around by UAE.

The EFF better have something to say about this, or I'm canceling my membership. (Or, more accurately, "Never sending them my first dime!" he said full of hyperbole.)