From AppleInsider | Consumer Reports condemns end of iPhone 4 free case program:

Consumer Reports also took issue with the change in available cases. During the free case program, seven cases, 'including some from third-party manufacturers,' were offered. Users who contact AppleCare after Sept. 30 will only have Apple's own Bumper case available to them.


Despite the lack of recommendation, the organization still ranked the iPhone as the best smartphone available, giving it the 'highest rated' score.

(Note: I did read CR's blog post)

1.) If Apple's own bumper fixes the problem, why are we upset about the lack of choice with cases?
2.) If this is the best smartphone out there, why are they harping on a single compromise?

Look, the post is about hits to CR, plain and simple. How many times have I been to a CR blog in the past year? Maybe 3. How many times to look at something iPhone 4 related? Probably 2 of those 3.

Personally, my interactions with CR are usually limited to going to the public library before buying a major appliance or car. I kind of enjoy the old school nature of the search, and I'm not paying for biannual access if I've already paid (via taxes) to take a look.