I'm listening to Dan Patrick and Rich Eisen right now on the radio. Please folks, Favre's only going to let his elbow bench him for one of two reasons. (They're not the only ones being thick headed, of course.)

1.) He's about to be suspended publicly for the Sterger scandal, and wants to control who breaks his consecutive game starting streak.
2.) He's about to be suspended privately, and wants a good cover story for why he's taking time off.

Either way, the "tendonitis might sideline me" angle is Favre preparing his story if 1 or 2 happens. With 1.), he's that conceited, which helps make him a great competitor. With 2.), that's just smart PR.

But let's stop being naive. Favre's elbow is a convenient cover story. As Mark Brunell proved with the Redskins, short of LT's hit on Theisman, if a QB can play, he will play until his coach puts him on the bench. I've had awful tendonitis myself, but it's not something that starts immediately. You can play through a great deal of it, and often don't know how bad it's going to be until you go full speed for a while. Often, it really hits you only after going full speed and then stopping. That gives you one good series before you hit the bench, which Favre would take.

As a student suggested to me yesterday, if Arenas can fake an injury to give another player playing time, Favre can sure as heck lie about his to block the Sterger scandal.

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