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Only certain apps can be installed to the SD card. The developer of the app controls this, not the OS. This is not a backup mechanism, it's for performance & clearing space on the internal storage. That said, many apps will actually experience a performance drop if moved to the SD card do to the slower speeds.

Nice. My Optimus V won't stop yelling at me about its internal memory card being full -- all of 31 megs from its 180 are left. Nevermind the 12 gigs I've got open on the SD card. That's not cool.

And apparently the OS imposes some restrictions on your app if it's not on internal memory, like this report of a Pandora widget that disappears when the app's on SD.

So let me reiterate. This phone only has 180 megs that can host popular, fully featured apps. Apps that require internal storage include...

New York Times
Google Reader
Amazon Appstore
Amazon mp3

Wow. Apparently the SD card was initially only for media file storage. With Android 2.2, you could start putting some apps on SD. That's a serious limitation. If I was paying a typical price for monthly service, there's no way I'd put up with this. (For $130 and $25 a month, well, I can live with some pain.)


This isn't as smooth as an iPhone, that's for sure.

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