My iPod touch (8 gigs) was pretty much full, and one of the worst culprits was the Apps section. It was well over two gigs. But when I added up all the sizes reported in iTunes, it wasn't close. I didn't have more than a gig of apps on there.

Long story short, after removing lots of apps I thought might have been hiding how much space they were taking (Kindle, my Gmail account in Mail, etc), I finally figured out it was Al Gore's Our Choice app. It was taking up about a gig all by itself, though it only reported about 60 megs [sic!].

It must be downloading tons of stuff in the background though I can never remember it not showing something when I was outside of WiFi range. Perhaps it was uncompressing files to show them and never recompressing, perhaps even doing it again with each view.

Strange. But that explained the lack o' space. And when you're shooting more pictures and movies because of how awsomez!11! iCloud's photo stream is, well, choo needs cho space.

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