I like Versions for svn, though I've mostly only used it for keeping track of my own code. Now that it looks like I'm going to be using git, I figured it was time to find a visual client. (Not sure why I like visual so much. Perhaps a VSS carryover from years back.)

So we Google up osx - Best visual client for Git on Mac OS X? - Stack Overflow:

I'm looking for a nice, Mac OS X-like, client for Git. As an example, I use Versions for Subversion and it's exactly what I'd like to purchase for Git access. Suggestions?
Another notable client is GitHub for Mac. I love our wild and wooly friends at GitHub as much as the next guy, but I think their client is pretty much doodoo. It has the same insane-in-the-membrane limitation as Tower... It has this Twitter-inspired iOS-wannabe interface that seems to prioritize lickability over usability. I think this product should probably have been called Hasbro™ My Little Pony® Baby's First Git Client instead. (emph mine)

Interesting. Wonder what he'd say uncensored by online decorum. Guess I'll give his positive recommendation a try instead. "Update 2011-10-07: SourceTree is good enough that it gradually displaced all other git clients."