Amitava's Technical Diary: Nesting ExtJS 2.0 TreePanel inside Accordian:

Nesting ExtJS 2.0 TreePanel inside Accordian
The Accordian panel in ExtJS 2.0 javascript framework, will error out if an item (Ext.Component) does not possess a header. The easiest way to create an header is to set the title property.

Was having some trouble getting a TreePanel to render as a child in another Panel in ExtJS 2.2. Bizzarre. It'd render if I'd put it directly into a DIV (renderTo set for the TreePanel) and the other Panel into another, but if I removed renderTo from the TreePanel and stuffed it into that other Panel, BLAMMO. ct is null. Enjoy.

Lots of weird stuff in ExtJS. I've seen it act unhappy if you don't have an id set for an object. Now, maybe a header is occasionally assumed as well? /sigh Neat overall, but a little rough around the edges.

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