How can I use Oracle SQL developer to run stored procedures? - Stack Overflow:

I highlight it in the SQL*Developer Object Navigator, invoke the right-click menu and chose Run. (I could use ctrl F11.) This spawns a pop-up window with a test harness. (Note: If the stored procedure lives in a package, you'll need to right-click the package, not the icon below the package containing the procedure's name; you will then select the sproc from the package's "Target" list when the test harness appears.)

Man, that's more difficult than T-SQL. I was supposed to be able to figure that out without help? Hello, non-intuitive. Why I can't just call or exec sprocName(param1, param2) and have it display results (even if via an outCursor) in the results window, I have no idea. Over 24k views for that thread, and it's only a year old.

Aside: Hard to believe Joel Spolsky is responsible for this thing, not because he doesn't often have good ideas, but because he seems to almost have too many. StackOverflow is awesomez. Why Fog Creek doesn't have some mainstream software everyone uses quickly becomes the more interesting question. Is Spolsky just a programmer who is good at managing programmers writing software for programmers, but that's it?