Just watched the trailer for the new Spider-Man. Looks a lot more like what I enjoy about the comic than the Toby Maguire version. Lots of bullet dodging, and maybe a little more non-supervillain head-knocking. I didn't see much of the Peter Parker self-deprecating humor, but I did see a lot of who I assume is Gwen Stacy, who everyone with any sense has always thought was, ultimately, a better match for Puny Parker than MJ. She really was wasted in the last version; hopefully the rebooted Gwen will be much more interesting. (Though having an actress known for having red hair and who, honestly, has a face that looks a ton like MJ did in the early comics play Gwen Stacy is ironic at best.)

But what's best to see? The web-shooters are back! Like the canary in the coal mine, seeing a Spidey with some strange genetic mutation that makes webs come out of his wrists "naturally" always seemed wrong, even in light of the newer plot in the comic that Peter has more innate powers than we suspected (another shark jumping, honestly, if they don't handle it right).

Still, having real web-shooters instead of compromising the working myth to be all timely and snizznet makes me feel the 'slinger is in better hands this time.

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