The good is that Apple doesn't seem as scared to go after the money post-Jobs.  If the iPhone gets a little bigger for the iPhone 5, then we know they made a compromise "for the people".  That will bring in more of the business Jobs intentionally left on the table, which is great in the short term.  But it also says that the company is becoming less disciplined, which is eventually going to catch up with it long term.

Take this popular story from today: Former Apple TV Engineer Claims New Apple TV Interface Discarded 5 Years Ago [Updatedx2] - Mac Rumors:

Margolis goes on to say that "now there is nobody to say 'no' to bad design", referring to Steve Jobs' passing.

He does a heck of a backpedal later, apparently.  "One of my favorite parts of working at Apple was knowing that SJ said “no” to most everything initially, even if he later came to like it, advocate for it, and eventually proudly present it on stage." Yeah, good save, dude.  I think we know what you meant.  Jobs killed this UI, and now not only is it not better than it was the first time, the culture at Apple has changed.  It doesn't matter if the blind dog catches a squirrel, and if the AppleTV is one of those or not.  What matters is that he's now blind.  And that he learns better metaphors.

$600 is starting to look like a good, safe time to sell. It'll probably kick up to the $750 predicted this year, but in 4 or 5? Irrational exuberance tends to end badly.