My latest complaint.
When I edited the post in BlogThis, those br tags with the close slash weren't there. I like the old style Blogger html edit where you were editing HTML directly *EXCEPT* for line breaks, which were inserted for each EOL. So if I hit return, a br was inserted. That's been very hit & miss with the new interface. And if you do insert br tags automatically, which I prefer but didn't expect here, I shouldn't be able to see them later, should I? What happens now? Will more br tags be inserted when I save for each EOL? If not, why not? etc etc
I've got a number of blogs, and the spacing has been especially wonky in each of them as Blogger/Google keeps tinkering. This stinks. See how this paragraph is smushed up against the blockquote above? The preview said this wouldn't happen.
This stinks. Beta level stuff, at best. Embarrassing for something with the backing of Google. I could write a blogger editor this crappy.

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