From "no upside":

You can argue that a university education is overrated relative to cost. Most private universities probably aren’t worth the money. A handful at the very top might give you a solid alumni network, access to top-notch researchers, or a name on the resume that opens doors. But most private university costs are disproportionately high relative to their long-term economic value.

I think that about sums it up.  Probably most state schools too.  They often seem more interested in doling out lottery dollars to their favorite construction firms at this point than putting tuition and the poor man's self-inflicted tax to good use.

More and more university education is vocational training, and you're going to do a better job, 9 times out of 10, learning the job while on the job.  There's a role for good, critical approaches to systems, but when you can't even find that in a university's humanities college (look up N. Katherine Hayles' "digital humanities" concept for the core of this evil), it's time to apply for work, not take out a loan to tread water.