Comparing and merging files - WinMerge 2.12 Manual:

The left File pane file header is titled, Theirs File. This side represents the file that is usually in the version control system's repository. This file usually cannot be edited, so WinMerge sets the left File pane to be read-only. This means that differences can be merged only from this file to the other file.

Look, I understand you can't save the changes into the right side, but come on.  The whole goal is to go through and have identical files.  I should be able to use the right side as a crutch and select either.  Even if I can't save it, the freakin left side should be able to "override" the edits.  Otherwise I'll never have identical "files" and be able to visualize "done".

Sheesh.  It's free, I know.  I know.  I KNOW.  But sheesh.

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