AT&T to Begin Offering Shared Data Plans in Late August - Mac Rumors:

AT&T undercuts Verizon at the simplest level with a single smartphone on a 1 GB data plan costing $85 per month ($40 data $45 device), compared to $90 on Verizon ($50 data $40 device), but adding additional smartphones to that 1 GB plan is more expensive on AT&T ($45 versus $40). Verizon's and AT&T's pricing are identical at the 4 GB level, while AT&T again takes the lead on higher-level plans with more data and devices. As an example, an account with four smartphones sharing 10 GB of data would cost $240 per month on AT&T ($120 data 4 x $30 devices) versus $260 on Verizon ($100 data 4 x $40 devices).

Which is a very complicated way of saying they cost exactly the same.

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