Apple Expands Build-to-Order Configuration Options on Retina MacBook Pro [Updated] - Mac Rumors:

Update: Some readers have noted that selection of the new CPU and storage options on the low-end model does not seem to register with the online store system. Typically, changing options results in live updating of the price and shipping estimates during the configuration process, but changes to the CPU and storage are not having that effect. Consequently, customers are unable to place orders with these new custom configurations on the low-end model.

Update 2: Within minutes, Apple has now pulled the new configuration options entirely, once again leaving RAM as the only available onboard hardware upgrade for the low-end model.

Update 3: There are now conflicting reports on whether or not the new options have been pulled. Many readers are reporting still seeing the options and are able to add the configurations to their shopping carts, while others viewing the same pages are not seeing the new options.

With this and the issues on the iTMS recently, we've seen a couple of issues where quick fixes were sent out and only slowly, I assume, propagate to each server farm.  I think we can take it when some folks from the same geographical area see different stuff online that there was a hot fix deployed that's slowly replicating out. The only other option I can think of is that they rolled out a new feature, and the store UI was ahead of the backend that processed them. That is, they couldn't go live until every box had the new stuff installed, and were waiting. That's a stupid design process fail, not just a simple mistake, so let's assume hot fix.

And hot fixes == fail.  I'm not arguing they shouldn't be done, but that they do indicate something didn't go quite right.