Is it just me, or is Gmail's online interface becoming too cluttered? It's trying to be a desktop client. The beauty of Gmail in the browser is twofold: Clean interface and great searches. That's it.

Heck, with the phone and chat UIs, it's morphing from a complicated desktop application to a desktop. That's bad.

It's strange to think that sometimes not being quite done is your advantage, but after spending a little time in the fairly refreshing interface (rough around the edges, sure, but clean, with improved search), Gmail hits me as too cluttered.

Microsoft is potentially doing something right, though it might take Windows X before they get a feel for it. They're finally doing the Apple trick -- give everyone 90% of what they want better than they expected it, and tell them that's it. You're not getting your last 10%, because there are six billion last 10%s. We're giving you what we want, and you're going to like it, because it's smooth.

Google has, I think, finally [at least temporarily] plateaued. Wonder if Yahoo can make a comeback.

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