Had a process go on too long, and I couldn't tell which of the several I had going was the greedy one.
process - How do I show running processes in Oracle DB? - Stack Overflow:

SELECT sess.process, sess.status, sess.username, sess.schemaname, sql.sql_text
FROM v$session sess,
v$sql sql
WHERE sql.sql_id(+) = sess.sql_id
AND sess.type = 'USER'


There are a few names on StackOverflow that I'm starting to recognize, and this Justin Cave is one of them.  I wonder how much of this is conscious branding and how much is [neurotic?] compulsion.  I can see how it'd be addictive, especially once you're an expert in something.  I'm no expert, but the git questions are just light enough on experts I could get sucked in.

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