It's help doc time at the end of a project, boys and girls, and reading through our existing docs after adding pages for the stuff I'd just programmed I found a page where an image was described in the text as an imagemap, but it wasn't.

After the requisite Googling for an html imagemap on OS X and only finding a few pay-to-play examples, I thought, "The GIMP should do this, right?"

It does.
14. Web Filters
14.2. ImageMap

I should make a video tutorial that's a little more straightforward than this written one, but it's a great tool.  GIMP as a whole is a little slow on OS X imo, but this tool is complete money.  Make circle, quadrangles, or any multipoint poly, save your imagemap to a text file, edit points easily, and load and reedit the thing later.

Filters >>> Web >>> Imagemap.  Voila.

It's essentially perfect.  Thanks Maurits Rijk, and yes, I left the HTML comment in the page.

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