How To Get The Dual Link DVI Adapter and a MacBook Pro To Work Together:
We use his adapter with my MacBook Air. Works perfectly. Now, he’s really pissed.
We get in the car, go to the apple store and talk to the folks there. After a bit of mucking around, they came up with a simple solution, which fixed the issue:
Go to System Preferences
    Open Energy Saver
    Select Higher Performance
    Enjoy the use of your adapter and monitor.

I've seen lots of complaints about dual link dvi outputs not work with Macs, which stinks. I'd like to bag the Auria EQ276W at Microcenter, which is essentially (afaict) the equivalent of the "eBay Korean monitors" that put out 2560x1440. It's a sort of poor man's Apple Thunderbolt Display, and my way of stopping myself from buying a 13" Retina MacBook, which, honestly, is pretty hard not to buy.

If I had a second more free time a month, I'd probably bite, but I haven't done enough programming on my home MacBook (maybe 5-7 hours or so a week) to really get aggravated at the lack of real estate. And it's been just long enough since the 13" RMBP was released that I should probably wait for the next cycle anyhow.

Although wow, even that monitor is still south of the 13"'s 2560x1600 and 15"'s 2880x1800. Sheesh.

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