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Although Model-View-Controller (MVC) is known by nearly every Web developer, how to properly use MVC in real application development still eludes many people. The central idea behind MVC is code reusability and separation of concerns. In this section, we describe some general guidelines on how to better follow MVC when developing a Yii application.

This is application specific, but is one of the better explanations of MVC I've seen in a while.  Too often I see MVC described in a way that's clearly on 3-tiered development.  Or I see people say one's a software pattern and the other an architectural pattern, as if the answer to the question is in another question.  That's crap.

I still don't see how you make a web UI where you don't combine stereotypical Model functionality with Controller functionality without really getting anal about how you split your files, but maybe that's okay/intended.  ??

EDIT: You know, I don't do a horrible job figuring out MVC myself using Burbeck back in May.

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