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With taskbar on left, the problem is that you don't get more columns for new tabs when you drag the taskbar to the right, you just get longer tabs. This seems like a bug, or maybe it's a "feature" I don't understand...

When using taskbar on the bottom, I can get 20 tabs per row without scrolling kicking in, but have to manually drag the edge of the taskbar up to make more rows. I just had 60 separate tabs open, way more than I ever need...

He's right.  It's driving me crazy.

Taskbar(s) on left:
 Same icons open with taskbar at bottom.

Wow!  I can see all the icons without scrolling!  INCROYABLE.

Why can't I have the bottom taskbar functionality on the left?  *sigh*

But then, if Microsoft, for heaven's sake, is taking shortcuts to get things out of the door, well, does anyone really write large pieces of great code?

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