Apple looks to protect dropped iPhones by shifting their orientation mid-flight:

An Apple invention discovered on Thursday describes a system that could potentially save the most fragile components of an iPhone, such as the glass screen, by detecting when a device is falling and shifting the handset's center of mass to control its landing.

Sentience might sound like overkill, but what they're doing (or at least considering) is giving the iPhone enough smarts to know when it's in trouble and enough mobility to start defending itself. Right now, if we saw a phone that could, cat-like, always land on its "feet", we'd think it was some cheap parlor trick (since we all hang out in parlors, right?) and wonder what the trick was. That is, this is magic.

Look, there's a reason why creatures that multiply continue to exist.  Your only other option if you want to be around 100 years from now is a very long life.  We all know iPhones are planned around obsolescence, so we can forget immortality.  It's time to learn to multiply, little critters, for your own good. And then the servant becomes the master, etc etc. (with apologies to Sting).

It all starts with a little nod to movement under the auspices of self-preservation, man.