Look, email should be simpler.  I'm glad my extended family in general has moved on from the smilie-icon , theme-infested stomping grounds of Incredimail and friends, and I was really excited when the (now dead) Letters project wanted to support (only?) plain text composition, but, at the same time... is it wrong to want to highlight some text?

Part of Gmail's latest interface overhaul was to tweak composition into that crazy little box that pops up in the bottom right of your browser window.  If I want to highlight text that I'm writing inside of that little iframe-ish thing, I select it, click that crazy tiny A icon, keep my mouse on that wacky row of choices, FIND ANOTHER A icon (this time not in italics), click that, then mouse over to the left to choose my color from that groovy pallet.

RLY [gender-inclusive though admittedly still slightly normalizing] guys?  Maybe the tiny frame means shorter emails and the buried rich text options pushes down the number of highlighted passages, and somehow that much less markup helps Google trim bits on the pipe, but rly?