You have to have Team Foundation Power Tools installed and tfpt in your PATH, but otherwise, this is very nice.  I was just setting up a .bat file to sort of manually (painful; I know there has to be a better process for my workflow) diff and sync two sets of files in different places (even relatively different places), and part of that was to check out each file it was checking so it could diff, save to non-TFS location, then copy to files under TFS' control.

But then I had a significant number of checked out files that didn't need it.  This SO post shows how to fix that issue.  Very nice.

version control - TFS: How can you Undo Checkout of Unmodified files in a batch file - Stack Overflow:

Take a look on Undo Unchanged command of the Team Foundation Server Power Tools August 2011

c:\myProject> tfpt uu . /noget /recursive

Thanks Matt Florence for link update.

Thanks Ray Vega for actual syntax.